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Services provided by Help4Hosters

Help4Hosters is a group of IT professionals from Ukraine that is experienced to assist IT companies operate most effectively.

In terms of educated human resources, Ukraine is well known for a highly trained and technically skilled workforce, as well as a strong scientific and intellectual resource potential. This, together with the fact that the wages in Ukraine are much less compared to those in the richer countries, makes Ukrainian IT specialists so attractive to many international companies.

Help4Hosters provides companies with wide range of services, from professional remote Unix/Linux Systems Administration services to custom web design.

We started as Techs assisting Hosting Companies, but we have grown into Help not only for hosters, but for other companies & individuals making business online.

We are proud that Help4Hosters has gained a reputation for reliability, efficiency and expediency in the field of IT technologies.

Our administrators have the most up-to-date knowledge to keep your servers protected against hackers' attacks, exploitable bugs, viruses and other hostile programs, and take all necessary measures to fix found mis-configurations. They will also take care of upgrades of your server software and ensure that your server software functions properly.

Our developers are experienced in customization of the popular scripts and software to fit the unique needs of every client.

Our web designers know how to make a web site of a hosting company attractive, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.

Our professionals possess:

- Excellent knowledge of:

  • Unix/Linux server administering and security issues
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL databases
  • PHP, CGI, HTML, JAVA, Perl, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, SSI, Shell languages
  • Photoshop, Gimp, CorelDraw programs

- Excellent communication skills:

  • All our professionals speak English, Russian & Ukrainian
  • Everyone is able to work in team as well as individually on a special project

Clients can count on our expertise and experience. This expertise gives us an excellent understanding of the various people and how to meet their particular needs.

At Help4Hosters we make it our business to know yours. Our goal is not to impress you with fancy talk or to make you buy the latest untested technology. Our purpose is to listen to what you have to say, evaluate the options and provide you reasonable solutions.

We are not learning on the job, we're not figuring it out for ourselves, and we're not hoping it all works like the manual says it should.

We are confident that Help4Hosters can deliver your company the best solutions in each of the areas of our specialization.

Let the team of professionals help you develop your online business!

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