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Affiliate Program For HSphere 

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Affiliate Program for osCommerce

We have released a new version of Help4Hosters Affiliate Program 1.1b for Hsphere CP.

How the affiliate program works?

Once affileate signed up, a link is assigned to him. Program gives to affiliate the HTML code that will be inserted into his/her website’s page. If someone on the website clicks on the link and makes a purchase from the website, the commission, which depends on plan customer purchased, will be credited to the affiliate's account. Please refer to the Affiliate Program For HSphere FAQ

Why Help4Hosters affiliate program?

  - Because it is developed especially for HSphere and web hosting business.
  - It’s fast and secure because of using the same to HSphere java servlet technology.
  - Only with us you can request special additional features for development at low costs or even for free!.
  - Low costs.
  - No additional requirements – if you have HSphere installed on your server then you have everything needed to run affiliate program.   - And much more. See the features section.


  - Banner Rotation system.
  - Pay by sign up basis.
  - Admin can enable or disable access to use software for resellers.
  - System automatically retrieve plans names from HSphere.
  - Every reseller has his own control panel section and can customize its look and feel (header/footer/CSS/Logo) and uses his own settings.
  - Feature to translate the system to any language via web interface.
  - Feature to set cookie’s live time and redirection page.
  - Feature to approve or decline transactions.
  - Short SignUp procedure for existing HSphere customers.
  - It works for CC and pay-by-check signups.
  - An affiliate has statistic of clicks and referrals URLs.
  - Feature to debit or credit Affiliate account.


  - Multi-teir feature.
  - Pay to referred affiliate feature.
  - Mass mail.
  - You can request the feature you need by contacting our support at feedback page.


  $50 version without HSphere reseller’s support (will work on main account).
  $100 version with unlimited HSphere resellers support (will work on main account andreseller’s accounts).
  $25 optional installation fee, if customer would like to hire us to install AP software.
  $25 optional fee per master/reseller account for look and feel customization.

version 1.1b download:

version 1.0b download:

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