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Managed dedicated server solutions 

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Services provided by Help4Hosters

Help4Hosters 'Managed Dedicated server' solutions with full server administration included are perfect for people who want to start their own hosting company and looking for reliability of the services offered and full server management.
Our Managed Dedicated Servers solution is a good alternative to Reseller programs as with us you spend practically the same money but get the whole server instead just of a place on someone else's server, get much more transfer, disk space, CPU power and flexibility. You will have complete 'root' access on your server. Even if you are a novice in maintenance of web servers, you can ask Help4Hosters do all the server administration at a low cost.
You don't need to hire in-house techs for management of your server as the Help4Hosters server administrators provide you with unparalleled level of performance, professional work and fast response.
Best of all, you get a pre-configured server with the latest stable versions of the server software, which ensures highest level of server security and protection against hackers' attacks.
You get the server with Red Hat Linux pre-installed. RedHat applications include: RedHat 7.3/Apache 1.3.22/Sendmail 8.11.6/Bind 9.1.0/MySQL 3.23.36/mod_perl 1.24/Kernel 2.4.9-31/EXT3 Filesystem/PHP 4.0.6/PERL 5.6.0-12/OpenSSH 2.9.
As a bonus, we can install MySQL/PostgreSQL; java 1.3/ 1.4; tomcat; jserv; apache; Perl/PHP on your server for FREE.
Each plans includes 5 hours of server administration per month, which can be used for monitoring, installing and upgrading programs, configuring programs, dealing with security issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems.
Servers are set up in 24 hours from the time of order; all repairs are to be done within 24 hours (normally 2 to 4 hours). In the event of a hardware-related problem, any failed component will be immediately replaced at no cost to you. Replacements are usually made within 24 hours.
The servers are situated in the state of the art carrier class data facility in Houston, Texas. The network is multi-homed to redundant upstream backbone providers. The powerful new 155megabit OC3 lines make the connection speedy and reliable.
Managed Dedicated Servers from Help4Hosters are the ideal solution for beginners and intermediate hosters who require custom server management and are looking for servers with great uptime, and technical support that guarantees reliability of the server work.
Basic Plan Standard Plan Professional Plan
Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz
80 GB Hard Drive/7200 RPM 80 GB Hard Drive/7200 RPM (2) 80 GB Hard Drives/7200 RPM
500GB Monthly Transfer 500GB Monthly Transfer 500GB Monthly Transfer
RedHat Linux 7.3, RH WS3, or FreeBSD 4.10 RedHat Linux 7.3, RH WS3, or FreeBSD 4.10 RedHat Linux 7.3, RH WS3, or FreeBSD 4.10
Set Up Fee Set Up Fee Set Up Fee
$100.00 $120.00 $130.00
Monthly Reoccouring Fee Monthly Reoccouring Fee Monthly Reoccouring Fee
$150.00 $160.00 $180.00
If you wish to order Dedicated server now, please first contact us so that we can be sure the server will fit your needs.

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