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Server Monitoring 

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Services provided by Help4Hosters

Security and Availability of hosting company's servers
Help4Hosters provides monitoring of internet servers' availability and vulnerability and keeping servers software up-to-date. Properly functioning servers, web sites of your clients being accessible 24/7 are the most vital part of your hosting business. Securing your servers today at a small cost prevents much greater costs in the future.
If you are interested in professional monitoring of your web servers and staying up on the latest threats, virus outbreaks, and fixes available, we offer you to sign up for our Server Monitoring plan.
It is the most cost-effective solution that saves you valuable time and money. You pay just a very small fraction of what you expected one would spend on professional server monitoring services.
According to this plan your servers are frequently monitored by highly skilled network administrators, and you can be sure the security of your system is kept in order.
The Server Monitoring plan includes:
  • performing regular (twice a week) security scans of your server to discover vulnerabilities, such as breaches or holes, in your system.
  • monitoring of protocols and servers is performed once a day, 7 days a week;
  • notifying you via email or SMS about serious irregularities or troubles such as the monitored service being down. Notifications include the local date and time, server name and type, the reason for the failure, an error number/error message and a traceroute.
  • when the monitored service is available again you get an email/SMS containing the confirmation of the service indicated in the failure notification being up.
Monitoring includes most of the protocols and servers on your host:
  • Mail Servers (POP3 Servers; SMTP Servers; IMAP Servers);
  • Telnet Servers; SSH Servers; DNS Servers.
Our external Server Monitoring plan prevents costly web server malfunctioning because you keep a constant watch over your system, and you know when there's a need to take urgent actions before your hosting clients start complaining.
Monitoring of 1 server 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
What you PAY $50 $300 $250 $600 $500
What you SAVE - $50 $100
Order now: Order now! Order now! Order now!

Save money and sign up for 6 or 12 months of Server Monitoring
As your hosting business grows, you have to deal with more and more web and network issues. Only monitoring will not be enough for you when you need qualified assistance, not only alerts.
Then we suggest you to sign up for one of our Remote NetAdmin plans + Server Monitoring.
Our techs have the most up-to-date knowledge to keep your servers protected against hackers' attacks, exploitable bugs, viruses and other hostile programs, and take all necessary measures to fix found mis-configurations.
Help4Hosters will:
  • perform regular (twice per week) security scans of your servers to discover vulnerabilities in your system;
  • take actions to mitigate the risk of exploitation of the vulnerabilities by a third-party;
  • report you via email or SMS about serious irregularities or troubles such as the monitored server being down, and the actions taken by us to solve the problems; send email or SMS with the confirmation of the problem solved.

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