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Remote Network Administration 

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Services provided by Help4Hosters

Most small to medium sized hosting business cannot afford themselves to spend the valuable capital, time, and human resources on dedicated network administration and support of their servers.
You don't have to pay a full time tech for the network administration services that you may need to be performed only from time to time as Help4Hosters offer a better alternative:
Remote NetAdmin plans
You order a certain number of hours for remote installation, support, configuration and upgrade of the software listed below, and when you need software to be installed, configured, or upgraded on your servers, or networking issues solved professionally and in time, you send an email to our Tech Support Team and we do the work for you.
    Remote NetAdmin Basic*:
$150, covers 10 hours of network administration under Linux/FreeBSD OS.
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    Remote NetAdmin Standard*:
$210, covers 15 hours of network administration
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    Remote NetAdmin Pro*:
$270, covers 20 hours of network administration services
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Custom Plan Request
If you have a network administration services request that does not fit the services mentioned above, you can always order a custom plan that will better suit your needs.
Please send us an email with your requirements, and a consultant from our tech support department will asses your requirements, visit your site if necessary, and will get in touch with you shortly with a tailored solution for your hosting business needs.
    Installation, configuration and support of Web-site related software:
Web servers (Apache 1.3. with default and third-party modules);
PHP with any modules (GD with GIF support, IMAP, MySQL support, other database support etc.)
Zope and modules for Zope
Log analysis software (Webalizer, ModLogAn, Logcheck etc.)
    Installation, configuration and support of Mail related software:
Mail servers: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 servers: Sendmail and pop3d, Cyrus IMAP server, Courier IMAP server, Qmail, Vpopmail or other;
Mail related software: Sqwebmail, auto responder, EZMLM, Qmailadmin, IMP, SquirrelMail. Other web-based mail interfaces can be installed and configured.
DNS servers (BIND 8.x or BIND 9.x), Network File System, DHCP, Samba, ypbind, routing configuration;
Firewall configuration (ipfw/ipfilter under *BSD and ipfw/ipchains/iptables under Linux);
SecureShell installation and configuration (OpenSSH / SSH), sudo and other security packages;
CVS installation and configuration;
News servers (innd);
FTP servers (Wu-ftpd, ProFTPd, Pure-ftp etc.);
Proxy software (Squid etc.).
Database software installation / configuration / support (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).
    Scripts installation and upgrading:

Help4Hosters provides professional services on installation and upgrade of the following scripts to the latest stable versions:

(free tool for management of MySQL databases)
(powerful open-source online store)
Phpauction GPL
(open-source script for building auction web sites)
Phpauction PRO Plus, Phpauction XL
(commercial editions)
(open-source message board system)
WBBoard 1 (WoltLab Burning Board)
(forum software, freeware)
WBBoard 2 (WoltLab Burning Board)
(forum software, commercial version)
(popular paid forums package)
(weblog/Content Management System)
(open-source content management system)
(open-source newsletter management system)
(open-source content management system)
(open-source banner management and tracking system)
(open-source weblog system)
(free traffic trading script)
MRTG Graph
(multi-router traffic grapher; free traffic analyzer)
YaBB Forum
(forum software; freeware version)
and other scripts by your request.
    Perl and PHP modules and libraries installation:
Payment for installation is done on an hourly basis and the fees cover setting up php or cgi on your site as well as testing it to ensure that it functions properly.
For increased security during the transfer of your access data, we recommend you to use PGP encryption.

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