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Services provided by Help4Hosters

A clean and professional design makes the first positive impression on a person browsing your web pages. Well-thought arrangement of graphics and texts online go to make a unique style of your hosting company.
Easily navigated pages save time and give a user access to the most important information about your hosting business.
Catchy logos, corporate colors, special navigation elements and other design tricks complete the successful presentation of your company online.
If a person quickly downloads the pages of your site, clearly sees what are the main directions of your business and after visiting your site's URL retains a harmonious image of your hosting company in mind - you know your web design is working in your favor.
We at Help4Hosters understand the importance of a high quality web design for success in hosting business today. How to find a midway between a really winning and too flashy web design?
How to create web pages informative but not looking like a boring business report?
How to make a site descriptive but not overloaded with graphics?
How to make a web site usable, search-engine friendly and aimed at the right audience?
How to get a great site and not spend a fortune on it?
The best results are achieved by teamwork of professionals. We believe you are pros in your area; Help4Hosters specializes in custom web design. Go to the Our Portfolio site
Let our web designers and web development experts make your company stand out among others.
Every project, from creation of a single banner to full web site design, will be thoroughly worked out and delivered in time.
Help4Hosters Standard Design Services Fees:
Design Work Description Cost, USD Order now
Creation of a static banner $20 Order now!
Creation of an animated gif banner $30 Order now!
Creation of an interactive rich-media banner (Flash banner/JavaScript banner) $35 Order now!
Creation of a static logo $40 Order now!
Creation of a static and a Flash logo $80 Order now!
Creation of a graphic template of the web site according to the client's design specifications and materials provided by the client $100 Order now!
HTML coding of a graphic template of the web site $60 Order now!
Creation of a graphic template of the web site and HTML coding of the gif template $150 Order now!
Flash design: creation of a Flash intro (up to 15 seconds) $150 Order now!
Flash design: creation of a Flash intro (15-30 seconds) $200 Order now!
Flash design: creation of a Flash intro (longer than 30 seconds) $250 Order now!
If you have web design requirements that don't fit into the above-mentioned project descriptions, please email us with the details about your design project.
Our web designers will estimate it and let you know an approximate number of hours we need to complete your web design project.
The non-standard projects might be done under our Maintenance Plans

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